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St.Pierre vs Shields Initial Prediction

Initial Prediction For The UFC 129: St.Pierre vs Shields Fight

Georges St. Pierre (21-2) gets to the table: Georges St. Pierre could be considered as the most athletic fighter that ever step and fight in the Octagon. As far as utilizing those wrestling skills in MMA is concerned, he is regarded as the best wrestler in the welterweight division. With this, the takedowns he has done were awesome, he posses superior ground control, his takedown defense is ridiculously good, and his ground and pound is simply frightening. And yeah, St. Pierre can perform technical skills (able to use his legs and hands) in an above average level, and have great cardio and power.

And to make notice to St. Pierre, when coming into fights he seems he always have a newfound skill (like the jab with Josh Kosheck) and prepared a great game plan. And he is simply the best welterweight fighter in the world.
Jake Shields (26-4-1) takes the table: In the 170 pound division, Shields is one of the best grapplers in the world. He is a fighter with upper echelon takedowns, great takedown defense, solid ground control, and submission skills. He’s considered as a total package on the canvas plus heart and cardio. With that, in defense on Shields’ feet is not nearly as expert. He was in trouble in his recent fights against Martin Kampmann and got nearly knocked out by Dan Henderson. The factor of Shields’ victory over Henderson was his jaw. And in terms of his offensive, he have developed his hands over time.

The Fight Prediction: St.Pierre vs ShieldsTo set the assumptions, St. Pierre is just a much better than Shields. St. Pierre’s punches are better, his movements is incredibly superior, and his kicking skills are higher than average. Therefore, Shields needs to get the fight to the ground to win the St.Pierre vs Shields fight. There is no questions how great wrestler he is, with his blend of submission skills made him a dangerous fighter in the ring than “Rush” have ever encountered. As said, Shields on his back is definitely no more dangerous than BJ Penn (recently defeated by St. Pierre in his last fights). The ultimate question is, could Jake Shields bring St. Pierre on his back and obtain submission?
In the end of the fight, I think Shields’ take downs are good, but St. Pierre’s takedowns and takedown defense are better. We should expect the domination of the Canadian fighter, he’ll dictate where would the fight goes. But I personally guess that he’ll always try to keep the trend of the fight on his side with a few takedowns.
In the UFC 129: St.Pierre vs Shields fight I think Georges St. Pierre will have his victory over Jake Shields in the third round TKO.

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