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St.Pierre vs Shields: Food For Thought

There goes the vegetarians in right corner, and meat eaters in left side of the ring! At the Rogers Center on April 30th 2011 there will be more than a UFC clashing, it is the St.Pierre vs Shields fight.

Jake Shields is not just about being a fierce competitor; he is also a proud lifelong vegetarian. In the growing fraternity of vegetarians in the pro ranks of MMA, he has been a part of it.
As he cites his parents’ view on cruelty of animals, he claims that he has never eaten meat in his life.

The treatment of animals could be cruel, but it is strange to hear it from a person that beats the shit out of people for a living?

As he proclaimed in the PETA interview, “I’m living proof that you can run further, train harder, and pack a meaner punch without eating animals. I’m Jake Shields, and I’m a vegetarian”.

While on the other side, there goes George St. Pierre (GSP) who is a self-acclaimed McDonald’s fan, and he is well-known of his statement that he is genetically blessed. Considering that he is a Canadian boy and a meat lover, I have no choice but give support to GSP.

The traditional French Canadian dish called Tourtiere or meat pie that GSP’s mother make, is his ultimate favorite food of all.
In the interview for MMA Memories, he was asked what is favorite foods for breakfast, he stated, “My favorite breakfast is two eggs, sausage, bacon, cheese, potato, fresh fruit, big glass of orange juice – all the things.”

We all probably think that our diet is the best, whether you are a vegetarian or a meat eater. However, these issues would not be in the mind of George and Jake when the battle takes place on April 30th at the Rogers Centre, but surely their diets will take part to their preparation and performance for the MMA St.Pierre vs Shields clash up. I am so thrilled to see this fight!

For all the fans of the St.Pierre vs Shields fight I suggest you should relax and be excited enough  for it.

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