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UFC 129: St-Pierre vs Shields Update

The Fight in UFC 129 is no doubt one of the best fights in the history of UFC.
It will be held at Toronto Rogers Centre, with the undercards Couture vs Machida fight, Jose Aldo who is very excited to have his debut fight finally and more Canadian fighters that will be showing their talents on grappling. Its absolutely an amazing trends of fights from the main event up to the wild cards fight.
But most of the fans reason of going there is to witness the fight of Shields vs GSP.
The St.Pierre vs Shields is the most exciting fight on that night. These would be regard as the meeting of the two champions and an amazing pound for pound top 10 fighters in the UFC, with both fighters carrying their pride and carerrs in every fist and kicks they would execute.
The winner of this main event fight between St.Pierre vs Shields would be considered to the greatest welterweight UFC fighter of all times.

MMA is a new sport. Today’s MMA is just decade away from the old ages of uncivilized and constant ignorance. It is not like boxing or football which starts and had been played long time ago already.

MMA is a difficult sport, it takes a very high confident and fighting spirit to participate on it.
In the welterweight division the one that is known to be the greatest fighter is Matt Hughes
MMA fans would surely know who Matt Hughes is and why he is considered to be the greatest welterweight fighter in his time. Living in Illinois, he maintained his 170-lb class weight record with his skill in wrestling and non-stop determination to win.
He has an amazing record of 45 wins with only 8 losses. Almost a decade he dominated and monopolized his weight class.
Years had passed, and time comes that someone would replace his title as the old legend of the welterweight division
The old legend in the welterweight division has been long ago departed, and the new had just begun!
George St.Pierre is now known to be the one who replaced Hughes title as the welterweight’s dominator. GSP is now currently the number one welterweight fighter in the UFC. He might be regarded as the pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC.
However, there is still hindrance on crowning him as the best welterweight fighter in the UFC. Many have said that it is because of his loss to Matt Serra. With that loss, the critics since then have never been stopped to upset him.
The fighters GSP defeated are Dan Hardy, Thiago Alves, Josh Koscheck, Matt Serra, BJ penn, Jon Fitch and Hughes the old king of welterweight division on two different matches.
GSP had tried everything he could to pass Hughes record of championship stability and looking forward to prove more out of it. On April 30th the St.Pierre vs Shields fight result will be the one that will answer if he is really deserving to be called the king of the present welterweight division.
He has a top opponent Jake Shields!
Jake Shields is the one who won his debut fight against Martin Kampmann.
There is no hesitant to say that this BJJ black belter is one of the most elite fighters in the UFC. Jake Shields have been winning 15 fights streak before he had the guts on challenging GSP.
Some of the fighters that he have defeated are Yushin Okami, Robbie Lawler, Paul Daley, Carlos Condit. “Mayhem” Miller and Dave Menne. His best fight so far that made him dominating is his fight against Dan Henderson. Jake Shields is extraordinary as anyone in the UFC.
You may happen to hate Jake Shields because of his akward fighting style and his attitude but there is no denying what he can do to his opponents when the fight begin. If GSP can end this kind of strategy of Shields in the St.Pierre vs Shields fight, GSP will be the man to successfully stop the reigning of Shields for approximately six years. But if he can’t stop Shields, that will just mean that he is still not deserving to be called the best welterweight fighter in the UFC.
If Jake Shield would manage to submit St.Pierre, perhaps he would become the greatest fighter in the UFC. That is why many fans of UFC have been very excited to watch this Shields vs St.Pierre fight.
No doubt, the winner of this fight would become the number one pound-for-pound fighter in the welterweight division, not only he would be famous but also he would earn the respect of all the fighters in the UFC.

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